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About Move Küfeki

Soğucak Kirklareli Vize district of the province within the village are working on an area of ??750 acres.

                 FIELD DIMENSIONS


   500 m to 1500 m

Below the peak field of business encompasses the stream bed through the center of the village of about 130 m in height Soğucak. Therefore, the largest mining sahamız coarse sandstone quarry in Turkey.

Rural soil erosion in the river-water flows with the naked eye because of the observed over-coarse sandstone. This image is related to the existing mining area with a wealth of reserves is sufficient to carry out a practical estimate.

As is well known in mining expenditure to achieve the targeted reserve a minimum of 90% for excavation work. Excavation in a mine operating in our country, many of the total thickness of the layer thickness of 8-10 m between the upper and inefficient. Some of the quarries where the value of minerals in high-return charge of this thickness is a known fact that reach up to 15-20 m.

In our area of land available throughout the company´s mining excavation varies between 30-60 cm in thickness.

In our area of up to 15 m3 Mineral blocks can easily be obtained. Below we give the starting section of the report given in the table because of the slope height of 130 m and 100 m the estimated 75 million m3 of gross reserves.

Workable mining area with a minimum efficiency of 70% as a result, net reserve that can reach 52.5 million m3.

200 m3 per day of production will be seen for hundreds of years of working time is calculated.