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About us

We have been working on a field of 750 acres, in the boundaries of Sogucak village in Vize district of Kırklareli.

The peak of our field is approximately 200 meter above the stream bed which flows through Sogucak village. Our mine site is the largest Küfeki stone site in Turkey.

Küfeki stone is visible due to the erosion caused by the water stream. By the help of this fact it is possible to make an estimation about the capacity of the mining site.

As is known, the 90% of the expenditure is for the excavation work to achieve the targeted reserve in mining. In Turkey, the excavation thickness or the inefficient layer is between 8 and 10 meter in most of the mine sites. In some cost efficient sites, it may be up to 20 meters.

However, the excavation thickness in our mining site varies between 30 and 60 cm.

In our site, the stone blocks up to 15 m3 can be excavated easily. The total gross reserve is calculated as 150,000,000 m3. The minimum yield rate in our site is 70%, so our net reserve is 100 million m3.